Saturday, January 28, 2012

Synecdoche, NY - The Collected "Drink Tweets"

Earlier tonight, I drank what was to me a lot of vodka (I'm pretty much a "straightedge" kind of guy) and live-tweeted the unique and challenging Charlie Kaufman film Synecdoche, NY, mostly just for the hell of it. Many of my kind tweeps interacted with me during it, and I miraculously didn't lose any followers. These are the results - I've included "conversations," with my responses posted right after the comments from others:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Eric Van Uffelen's Top 10 Films of 2011

I’ve abandoned the premise of “these are the best films” – these types of lists are always so arbitrary, so these are my favorite new movies that I saw in 2011. This is a healthier angle to pursue, as you can argue about objectively ranking art, but you can’t dispute taste. (Please note that I've included an addendum at the end, now that I've thought about this some more and seen other films.)

Northern Exposure - S1E3

Check out the big brain on Ed!

“Soapy Sanderson,” Season 1 Episode 3, originally aired July 26, 1990
In the last review I touched on how much of a formative impact Chris had on me, especially during my adolescence. The truth is that many of the characters from the show influenced me in some way. This is almost to be expected: a well-told story will have characters that the audience can identify with in some capacity – if not sympathize with – across the board. During the run of an ensemble television show, though, we tend to glom onto one or two characters. Frequently this takes the form of the oft-mocked “shipping” between the de facto romantic leads, as that lends both a dynamic tension and an element of consistency: seeing the characters weather something together, aside from whatever the episodic storylines might be. There is not much of this to be had in Northern Exposure, as it’s pretty clear from the pilot forward that Joel and Maggie are destined for some sort of romantic entanglement. So the tension there is more of a “when, when, when?”