Monday, March 5, 2012

Northern Exposure - S1E4, S1E5

“Dreams, Schemes & Putting Greens,” Season 1 Episode 4, originally aired August 2, 1990
Jack and Hurley playing golf... oh wait.
To be upfront about it, I didn’t have a strong emotional or critical reaction to this episode or the next, reviewed below. They’re both good outings – each is funny, which the series seems less known for, somehow – and they continue the trend of establishing more about the characters and the town, and there are some nice moments (including some that take advantage of the location), but I wasn’t “hooked” by my nostalgia or by anything inherent to the episodes, except perhaps the sense of community that has been building. I think part of what took me a while to review these, besides my schedule, is that I didn’t have a response at the ready. But here we go…